If Your Name is Joe ...
The 3-Secrets of Human Touch Marketing

The Concept of Logos is Dated

 In the not too distant past businesses established their name thanks, in part, to a logo.

The logo showcased a business by creating memorable “art” that helped people recognize the name whenever they saw it.

The problem was when the logo was viewed, buyer’s still wondered what the business actually did.

A new breed of business identity device has replaced the logo and it’s called a memeHeartLowRes.

Meme's give us an immediate frame of reference for ideas. For example, a heart is a frequently used meme to project the idea of love.

The word meme is a term borrowed from the world of genetics and means, “A unit of identification.”

In marketing a business, the meme differs from a logo in that it utilizes words, the company name and an image to create a memorable message.

The end result is, a complete sales message is delivered every time the meme is viewed.

When taken into sales situations, you’ll find greater receptiveness from your buyers and quicker qualifying, which ultimately leads to more sales closings. You’ll also have a way to inspire greater word of mouth marketing from viewers of your meme.

The secret to a meme’s success is to make sure that you are telling a complete story, at a glance, which inspires your buyers to ask you to tell them more.