The Concept of Logos is Dated
How to show clients you care

The 3-Secrets of Human Touch Marketing

IStock_000003696632XSmall In looking at the latest major marketing trends for small business, there are three basic philosophies to pay particular attention to. When used in combination, you unlock the door to the secrets of Human Touch Marketing.

Philosophy one, speaking the buyer’s language

When your marketing and sales messages are slanted toward your buyer’s wants and interests, your message suddenly takes on a new life.

You’re no longer talking AT buyers about your business, which is your interest.

Instead, you are speaking TO your buyer’s interests. As a result they stop blocking and actually hear your message.

Philosophy two, educate to advertise

A couple of years ago, I coined the phrase “Edutise™” to describe a process where articles, white papers, special reports, eBooks, blogging, and educational outreach were prime marketing tactics to use in expanding the sales reach of any business.

Since that time, Edutising has taken on energy of its own. With blogging, social networks and article and PR sites it’s never been easier to launch an Edutising campaign.

Philosophy three, personal caring

Personal caring is the secret that builds relationships. No matter who you are, when someone genuinely cares about you, your business and the outcome you received from a previous engagement, you will be open to do business with that company again.

The cost of continuing to do business with an existing client is significantly less than prospecting and acquiring new clients all the time.

When you speak to buyers in a way that focuses on their desires, educate to advertise and use an attitude of personal caring to keep existing clients and hot prospects engaged, your marketing costs will go down while your sales go up.