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The Concept of Logos is Dated

If Your Name is Joe ...

IStock_000005878839XSmall ... and you happen to be a plumber, now is the best time ever to launch a marketing and sales campaign.

This week, in the Presidential Debate, John McCain and Barak Obama made a household name out of a fellow named, Joe the Plumber.

Take advantage of that fact. Imagine how easy it would be to talk to people about your business if you could say, "I'm Joe the Plumber."

Taking advantage of current news is priceless. You can get a lot of attention for just a little action.

I'd even go so far as to call your newspaper and become a local Joe the Plumber in your area. The ideas on how to use this are endless.

In fact, if your name is Joe at all, become Joe the WHATEVER YOU ARE. There's one catch though. Your window of opportunity is limited. Next month will be too late.