The Big Idea or the Ability to Read Your Clients Mind
The Anatomy of a Small Business Brand

Where Small Business Has a Huge Impact

Diver When people dive into a small business, they are often looking for one thing; control.


Control of their financial future, control of their career destiny and control of the satisfaction received from their work.


Small business has a huge impact on millions of people’s lives. When set up correctly and done for the long term, a small business can offer personal freedom. You can control your schedule and even work from locations other than a traditional office, if you choose.


If set up for the wrong reasons, it can become the greatest trap imaginable, because you can’t quit.


To build a small business that offers control and satisfaction takes a little creative thinking.


First, figure out what you want to create lifestyle wise with your business. Get clear on the schedule and lifestyle you want to create so you don’t start or expand into the wrong kind of business.


Then focus on creating a value that enhances the lives of other people. Simply "go on a mission."  


With all of your passion, consider what difference you want to make in the world with the business you’re creating.


Next, poll the market. What do they want out of the type of business you’re structuring?


When you understand what the market wants you can simply provide it for them. Use their words and ideas when creating marketing and sales messages.


Finally, target the people you see as a good fit, based on your research, and make them a compelling offer. Provide them with an idea that adds value to their life.


Now you have a small business that makes a difference in your life. You’re happy with it; you are passionate about the mission you’re on. You are making a difference in the lives of other people every day.


If you’re sitting on the fence, jump off and go for it. The world needs your ideas now, more than ever.