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John McCain and Barak Obama’s Advertising Hell

BarakandJohn Barak Obama said John McCain does not know how many houses he owned.

John McCain said Barak was in league with a lender, who is now in trouble with the law, to purchase a house he couldn’t afford.

Does anyone care? I know I sure don't. They are wasting my time telling me things that mean nothing to me.

I’m a small business owner. I care about:

Who’s going raise or lower my taxes? How will they lower them or why will they raise them?

Who has the best plan for the economy to recover in the shortest time frame? How will they do that?

Who is going to get the free enterprise system on the road to be as strong as it can be in modern times? What's the plan; how does small business fit into that scheme?

It appears that the two Senators do not seem to have a plan they are talking about for the issues that are important to me. 

They ARE worried about their personal property.

I'm worried about the points listed above, so now I shut their advertising and marketing messages out.

Not the marketing result they want, I’m sure. But none the less, it is one of the prominent messages that We The People are hearing.

Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain; in marketing tell me a story I want to hear. I don't care about you, I only care about me, my issues and my problems. And so does the rest of America.

Please start telling me how you're going to impact my life for the good. Again,  I don't really care about YOU!

What a waste of time. Now, who was the libertarian candidate again?

The Comment Line is Open. What do You Think?

Photo of Barak Obama and John McCain courtesy of ABC News, Australia

Why You’re a Commodity Now and What to Do About It

Man_Blocking_Out_Noise The reason you’re a commodity now is because your thinking is focused on your business instead of your buyer. As a result, buyer's block your marketing messages.

Look at your Web site and marketing collateral. Count how many times you see the words “I, we, us or me.”

Then count the number of times you see the words you and yours.

If you’re like 95% of small business owners your marketing collateral will say I, we, us or me about 3 to 1 (or more) over you and yours.

This puts you in the same place as everyone else. You’re in love with you business instead of your clients.

You can turn the tide and put your marketing strategy on super high overdrive by following one simple idea.

Speak TO buyers instead of AT them.

When you speak TO buyers, you’re using the words and ideas they use to explain the value your business provides.

When you speak AT buyers, you’re using words that talk about the features of your business from your point of view.

Remember, buyers only care about finding answers to their questions. Speak TO them and you’ll gain greater understanding which leads to better quality leads and more close sales.

Why is Sales so Darn Hard?

IStock_000004705569XSmall Sales is actually a simple concept to understand.

You create an offer, focus on groups of people who have reason to care, and contact them using several different methods to see if they’ll raise their hand.

In this case, raising their hand means having them say, “Tell me more about that.”
When they do, you have identified a prospect.

Seems pretty simple, expect for the one thing that holds the majority of small business back over 90% of the time. That one thing is called fear.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of not being good enough or seeming too pushy.

Fear of thinking you don’t know what to do or your brand image is weak.

Fear of picking up the phone or stopping by to visit.

If the phrase, “I don’t like it when people contact me out of the blue,” is running through your head right now, stop and think of something important for a moment.

What have you purchased recently? How did you find out about it?

The vast majority of the time, you were interrupted in some way, provided with an offer and asked to participate. You found value in an offer that you wanted and bought.

That’s how we all buy things. We find things we want from companies who make offers.

All it really takes to go from sales fear to sales advocate is success.

You need to run a sales process that works so that you’ll gain confidence, increase revenues and feel good about each day.

It's a well known fact that sales success breeds a lighter heart and a happier mindset.