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If You're Going to Pitch me Make Sure I Can Easily Buy

Golf I enjoy playing golf and like all golfers I subscribe to a few tip sites and golf course Web sites too.

I got a message from Hillcrest Golf Course this week, talking about the John Jacobs golf school.

I'm on the list so I want to hear about events at the course.

But when I clicked to find out dates and prices for these “golf schools” I was taken right back to where I started, at the landing page that said “Find Out More” as a hot link.

I clicked again, same result. There was no further information unless I called.

But, I did not want to call until I saw how much and when. I may have filled out a form to find out more, but calling would take more time than I wanted to spend. Plus, I didn’t know if I was really interested at this early stage.

I never found a way to get the info I needed to take the next step in buying, so I just clicked out and ignored them.

What we all should learn from this experience is:

When you take me to your site, give me the details of what you’re selling.

Tell how much if you want me to buy right now. Don’t send me to a dead end.

If you’re offering something for free, like a lesson or video as your sales soft step, give me a quick and easy way to ask you to contact me.

3-clicks, no result I'm looking for = no sale.

The next time you send a message, Hillcreast Golf Club, you’ve trained me to ignore you. There’s too many other options to consider and you gave me a bad experience. You wasted my time.

That’s truly how fragile the relationship is between Web site and visitor.

The comment line is open. Do you have an experience with online buying to share?

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