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How to Develop a Communication Strategy

IStock_000006855981XSmall The most important thing anyone in small business can do is communicate consistently. Consistent communications can be one of your most cost-effective marketing tactics.

Communicate with your clients, communicate with the prospects that are in your sales pipeline and communicate to your market niche.

Start by realizing you are not communicating to sell anything. You are communicating to educate, inspire and show the people you’re communicating with that you care about them and their outcomes.

When you communicate with your clients, send them a message that you care. Follow up and stay in touch. Ensure they are gaining every advantage possible from having done business with you.

Prospects, however, have different communication needs. You must educate, inform, be the source of new ideas and remain consistent.

Create a plan that allows you to make seven to ten touches with each prospect. Develop each touch, schedule them in your database and automate as much as possible.

Finally, communicate with your marketing niche.

Become a thought leader. You can write a newsletter or create a business blog. This allows you to make short posts throughout the week without having to worry about creating a longer article to send.

Simply use your expertise, communicate as if you were talking to a friend and help others gain value from your knowledge, expertise and talents, consistently.