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When Good Enough is NOT Good Enough

Bright Idea Card For many tasks we accomplish in small business, good enough is generally good enough. In other words, getting a task completed so you can take action to produce a result is generally the best approach.

In most cases business results are driven by action and not perfection. It’s a known fact that perfection generally causes more harm to than good.

However, good enough is NOT good enough when:

1. Servicing clients.

When delivering the value you provide, all attention needs to be on competence, professionalism and the result your client gains.

2. Recommending the next project or when asking for referrals.

Good enough is never good enough because referral strategies and next project recommendations build new sales.

Without them you miss sales opportunities.

3. Keeping in touch with clients and interested prospects.

Sending a Holiday card is the extent of many small businesses stay in touch strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s NOT good enough. Keeping in touch with past clients is vital if you hope to grow sales.

4. Following your sales strategy.

To create consistent sales you must lay out a sales strategy, follow it daily and create a consistent result to be successful and happy in your business.

5. Communicating the value you provide to a new buyer.

At the first meeting with a new buyer, you must ensure the value you’ve created is fully understood and appreciated before you leave.

A good question to ask at the end of your sales call is, “Do you understand the difference between me and all the other options you’re considering?”