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Small Business Press Release Secrets

IStock_000003834748XSmall “How do I attract more qualified prospects into my sales pipeline,” is probably the most frequent question I receive. Press releases make an excellent vehicle to accomplish that.

Start by understanding your buyers and the keywords they may use in a Web search for your type of business. Get to know who your buyers are and what’s important to them.

Write consumer based releases that address the issues that are important to your buyers. Don’t wait for the big news to hit, get them out there in volume.

Add links that bring people to a landing page on your Web site that expounds on the idea mentioned in your release.

Write a release that communicates TO each client group and not AT them. Add the keywords and phrases your best clients are most likely to use in your release.

Add a free trial or consultation offer to your consumer release to improve effectiveness.

Pay attention to major news stories, and tie in your product or service to that event. Link back to specific pages on your Web site to reinforce your story.

Once your release is done, send it to your clients as a marketing touch. Encourage them to share it.

Measure the results. Keep track of where your leads are coming from to see how many are generated from each release. Use that information to improve your content and press release program.

It takes work, that’s for sure. But the cost is low and the payoff is great.

Use consumer based press releases and you’ll have great content that attracts people who are most like your best clients, consistently.

I learned a LOT about the new world of press releases from David Meerman Scott and his excellent book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR. He also offers an excellent eBook, which is available from his blog