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How Trying Can Ruin Your Business


Here’s an interesting fact. The word “try” can be the kiss of death to your business accomplishments.

The reason is the word try indicates to your subconscious mind that you really don’t think it’s possible to accomplish the task you’re considering.

You use the word try as a way fend off the feeling of failure.

“I tried, but just couldn’t get around to __________ (fill in the unaccomplished task).

Instead of trying and being disappointed, use this approach.

Think of something important you want to accomplish.

Decide with firm conviction you’re going to do it.

Set an exact date and time to accomplish the task.

Schedule it in your time planner. If you don’t have a time planner, get a simple one going today. I like the “At a Glance” calendar books for their simplicity and effectiveness.

Stick to your schedule and accomplish the task.

Treat it like any other important appointment. You cannot blow it off because something else came up any more than you could dismiss a sales call or client meeting.

Repeat with every important task you have.