How to Learn List Building Secrets
When Good Enough is NOT Good Enough

Communication Strategy: Share a Piece of Yourself

091105-low-res-icon-WEB Communications that reach the mind of buyers successfully share common traits. They are authentic, conversational in tone and relevant to the person reading it.

Look at your business. What can you share about yourself that will be helpful to prospects and new clients?

What tip, how-to, or idea could you send out on a regular basis?

What personal experience did you have that lead to the discovery of this content?

How did it impact your life and business?

How about personal observations? The things you notice in the world around you are great posts for blogs. You can use the blog posts as a form of content to share with interested clients and prospects.

The secret is, give me access to your personal life. Show me what you’re thinking. Tell me stories about others who use your ideas. Share a piece of yourself with me regularly.