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The Easiest Way to Train me to Ignore You

Maillist I belong to an email list about creative thinking and life philosophy that I have enjoyed reading for over a year now.

This group formed a membership site. I belonged for a while, did not see any real value from the membership site and left.

About three months ago the publisher, who developed the material and membership site, started emailing me to join again. "I'm missing so much" was the plea.

Now the same exact message is coming to me two or three times per week. When I see messages from this sender I just delete them.

In essence, the publisher has trained a once interested and engaged person to ignore their messages.

Frequency is proven to work, but give me new messages. Build the value of the offer.

Please, don't keep sending me the same message over and over again. It bores me and I'll have to leave to maintain my sanity.