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Use Friendliness, Caring and a Desire to Help Others to Build a Successful Business

IStock_000004705569XSmall We all like to do business with people we know, like and trust.

A successful business model is created by understanding what a niche group of people want and then creating a value that they are willing to exchange money for.

With that in mind, how can anyone in business stand out from competitors, gain market share and be seen as a leader in their industry?

Sincerely care about the outcome your niche market gains from using your service or product then give prospects what they want instead of what you think they need.

Take your sales hat off. Understand the challenge your prospect (the stranger) wants to solve by listening; just like you were listening to a friend.

Show them how you can help solve the challenge they’re facing by offering ideas they cannot see.

Ask if they’d like to partner with you to overcome the challenge.

Here’s why this method works.

You were concerned enough to listen. You offered good advice. You turned a stranger into a friend by authentically caring. You just made a sale. Keep following this process and your sales will soar.

You’ll also notice more happiness and satisfaction creeping into your life at the same time.

Michael Gerber and The EMyth Revisited Reminder

EMythBookCover I picked up a new copy of EMyth Revisited yesterday. After visiting their Web site I was inspired to read the book again.

I love the quote on the last page. It is so true and often forgotten. As a reminder, here it is:

When you hear something, you forget it. When you see something, you remember it. But not until you do something will you understand it.

Great quote from a brillant man, Michael Gerber. An inspriation to us all.

New, special bonus for Creative Business Strategies readers:

Our friends at provided us with a curated list of the 14 books that are essential reading for entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

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Find one book that "Speaks to you", buy it and read it. By years end you'll be way ahead of every non-reader you know.

Can a Corporate VP Give Good Advice About Working From Home

QuestionMark MSN posted an article about the pitfalls of working from home.

The problem is, the advice was provided by Rosemary Haefner who is the Vice President of Human Resources at Career Builder.

My question is, can someone who is definately in the office everyday give practical knowledge advice on working from home.

It goes back to the idea I've always embraced. When you want to learn how to do something, find someone who does it and learn from them.

Homeworkers, did you find the article at helpful?