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Here’s One ReasonYou May Feel Depressed About Your Business

IStock_000003492530XSmall There are days in running a small business when you may feel depressed, overwhelmed and hopeless. If you ever experience those depressed feeling days, here’s what to do about it.

Business owners feel depressed because they don’t see a path. They never developed the strategy, tactics and systems to attract interested prospects, generate sales, and build their business consistently.

The best way to get back on track is to focus on sales. Few people ever feel hopeless when business and money is rolling in the door.

The reason is, revenue generating activities give you hope of a brighter future while increasing your cash flow today.

Start by talking to a knowledgeable friend.The best knowledgeable friends you can ever talk to are your existing clients.

Start by talking to clients who you know really find value in what you do.

It’s easy to do if you just tell them, “I’m working on my business and wondered if you might tell me what the greatest value you feel you’ve gained from working with my company is.”

Then listen and write down what they say. The answer they give you is the key to the door of sales increases.

This understanding allows you to reach out to other people who are just like them. It makes sales more enjoyable. If you enjoy sales you’ll focus on it more.

When you focus on sales, everyday is hopeful. Every day brings the potential of growth and success.