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I Get Too Many Emails

I get hundreds of emails everyday. Some of them go right to junk. Others are deleted based on the subject line and because I don't know the person sending the message.

Today, I got a message in my junk folder that may have been interesting to me. It was about a service that handles direct mail send outs.

I did not give permission to receive the message.

I did not know the person sending the message. I had no idea what they knew about direct mail.

I deleted the message without reading it. Then I created this blog post.

Here's how to sell me (and everyone else) stuff:

1. Tell me what you know.

2. Help me understand how you can help me.

3. Give me a call to understand my problem better.

4. Make a recommendation that fits my time availability, desires and budget.

5. Then ask me for the order. Please don't make me figure out how to buy. Offer up your solution once you have my interest, trust and credibility built.

The best way to open the conversation? Ask for permission to educate me about your industry and expertise. Tell me how to do what I want to do better.

Now, read the post on content being the first step in marketing and follow Seth Godin's sage advice: "Turn strangers into friends and friends into loyal clients."

Make my life easier, PLEASE!

The Main Reasons You May be Resistant to Selling

If sales are the lifeblood of business, why are so many small business owners resistant to accomplishing sales consistently?

One reason is time. The mantra, “I don’t have time to sell” is often heard.

Another reason is you don’t have a sales method to follow. That makes you feel confused and uncomfortable.

The final and perhaps most powerful reason is mindset.  When your mind and emotions are not engaged in what you’re selling you simply won’t do it. 

But there’s hope. You can overcome all of the areas that make sales challenging.

You can start eliminating sales challenges by controlling your time. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Choose a task. 
  2. Assign a day or days when that task will be accomplished. 
  3. Schedule an exact time to do the task in your appointment book or software.
  4. Accomplish the task at the appointed time and mark it as complete. 

Once it’s “checked off” and done, you’ll feel great. That productivity leads to greater productivity in other areas as well. You soon find you’re getting more done in less time.

Next consider the process you will follow to make sales happen?

You must have a way to attract qualified prospects into your pipeline. This is the step called marketing.

Once attracted you must have a sales system that converts attraction into revenue at least one in five times. At this point, you've gained a new client.

Now that you have a new client, your process of doing more business with them and gaining referrals based on your strong relationship is vital. 

Your brain and emotions do the rest.

Think about how you feel about what you sell. Is the value you have created with your business worth the asking price?

How do you feel when you’re working with a client? What kind of passion do you bring each project? How does a client feel after working with you?

Your thoughts and feelings, combined with time control and sales process methods are the difference between sales success and considering a new profession. It’s that important.