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Why not just ask me to buy

I was shopping for a bicycle this week. I need to get off my butt and get some exercise, so I thought biking might be a good way to start.

I went online to see what the options were in 2008. I narrowed my choice down to a Trek or a Giant hybrid bicycle.

I went into my local bike store and was greeted by the shopkeeper. I told him what I was looking for and asked for his advice regarding size and choice.

He quickly told me the size I needed and gave me a rather expensive looking book that had all the bike options from Trek in it.

“Stop back when you’re ready,” was his closing question.

The fellow never took the bike off the rack.

He never offered to let me take a test ride.

He answered my question (what size) wasn't sure about the bike I was looking at being the right choice, gave me a book that had every bike in the world in it and told me to stop back when I was ready.

The truth is, I was ready to buy then, probably, if my choice was validated. No attempt to ask for the sale equaled no sale for the bike shop.

This same drill was repeated with one other personal visit to a Giant dealer and a phone call to another shop.

What’s the deal with bikes? Do they just fly off the shelf without having to be sold?

If that’s the case, many of us are in the completely wrong line of work.

The Only 3-Things You Ever Need to Market

Marketing is difficult for many business owners for one simple reason. They don’t know what to market. Many think the features of the offering makes their business unique.

Unfortunately, features do not make a business unique. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When comparing one business over the other, features make a business appear to be pretty much the same as everyone else.

There are only 3-things that every business needs to market to be successful. They are:

1. Your talent for the business you are in.

2. The unique insider knowledge you possess that gives your clients an advantage over their competition.

3. The value you’ve created that helps your clients gain what they want.

Weave those elements into a compelling story. Then simply tell that story consistently to a group of people who have reason to care.

Content: Your First Step in Marketing

Marketing is filled with steps, strategies, and methods. There is Guerrilla Marketing, Permission Marketing, Gravitational Marketing, Book Yourself Solid Marketing, and even a 4-hour workweek marketing method.

With all these options, it’s no wonder that the majority of small business owners are in a quandary about how to market their business effectively.

Here’s the secret you need to know that makes marketing work best. No one cares about you. They only care about what you know that can help them.

You have to offer prospective clients something they want before they will buy. The best way to do that is through content that focuses on educating.

All you have to do is share your expertise, talent, and knowledge to establish interest, trust, and credibility.

Here’s how to share your knowledge effectively.

Write an article. Have a designer lay it out for you. Print it and use it as a sales lead generation tool. You can save printing costs by making the article a PDF that can be emailed or downloaded.

If you can’t write, hire someone to do it for you. The increased sales you gain by being seen as an expert will give you a strong ROI when hiring writers and designers.

In modern marketing, content is the first step. Strategies, methods, ideas and tactics build around it.