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Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller Have Made Marketing Easier

I was recently invited to read and comment on a new book by Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller called Gravitational Marketing.

I feel that you can never read too much, so I was more than willing to take a look.

After all, even familiar ideas, when presented with a different point of view, can break through mind clutter, give you new perspectives, generate great ideas, and help you "get it.”

Of course, once you get it you can then take successful action and profit.

Jimmy and Travis’ book makes marketing easy to understand. It breaks the processes of marketing down, step-by-step.

They give specific examples, they make you laugh, their ideas make you think “Good one” and most importantly, they show anyone how to accomplish seemingly overwhelming tasks easily.

If you struggle with marketing, Gravitational Marketing is a must read and required reference on your book shelf. You’ll review it again and again.

Pick up a copy online at

When you do, you’ll get access to their free bonus resource section and a variety of free gifts you’ll enjoy.

I highly recommend this entertaining and action oriented look at marketing ANY business.

I Didn’t Get Meat – I Got Great Customer Service Instead

The windshield company my insurance agent uses met me at my 1 pm client meeting in Scottsdale, on time, as promised. The technician was waiting in the parking lot ready to install my windshield when I arrived.

I left the car doors open and Lead Technician, Adrian Vonville, did his work while I went into my client meeting.

After about 45-minute I came out to check on the progress. The windshield was installed and the small glass fragments that littered my front seat and dashboard was all cleaned up.

In Arizona, some glass companies offer a package of steaks for letting them install a windshield. I kiddingly asked Adrian if I got the meat too.

He laughed and said, “It’s a trade off. We decided to give good service that fit the customers schedule and need instead.”

After a stressful day like yesterday, I’ll take service and sizzle over steaks anytime.

Thank you Adrian Vonville, Universal Auto Glass, Glendale, AZ. You did a great job that fit my schedule and need exactly as promised.

How Does Your Insurance Agent Respond

I was involved in a near miss car accident yesterday. No collision damage, just debris damage to my car body and a smashed in windshield.

I was lucky the wire barriers between the East and West side of the freeway kept the other car from careening into my side of the road which would have caused major damage and injury.

These are the moments when your insurance agent gets to prove their worth and service value. I’m happy to report that my agent at State Farm Insurance once again came through brilliantly.

He had a report taken over the phone while I sat on the highway and arranged for a new windshield to be installed while I was at a client meeting that afternoon.

By the time the police report was completed and I was ready to leave the scene of the accident everything was handled and I was on my way without further stress or worry.

Thank you William Kohl, State Farm Insurance, Surprise, AZ, for your excellent service and attitude of caring at a time of need.