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Is a Recession Really Just a State of Mind

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller Five Secrets to Slow Time Success

Five Secrets To Slow Time Success
How To Thrive Not Just Survive During A Recession
By Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

“The recession is coming, the recession is coming!”

So for those who are feeling a bit of the conjured pressure and need some help weathering the storm, this article will give you five secrets to slow time entrepreneurial success. These secrets will help you not only merely survive in the slow time but thrive, dominate and prosper.

Why are these entrepreneurial secrets? Because most corporate business people probably won’t believe in the raw power of them or have the capacity to implement any of them before the whole “recession” blows over. Slow to see, slow to act.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #1: Differentiate.

Me too products and services with no distinguishing qualities are forced into the commodity marketplace and bought only based on price…low price.  In the slow season these are the first to get cut from the spending budget.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #2: Innovate.

The first thing a person asks someone they haven’t seen in a while is, “What’s New?” That’s what they want from you too. Just because things are tightening up doesn’t mean you have to or should slow down. Your business needs to innovate now more than ever.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #3:  Hit The Gas.

During these uncertain times the first reaction of most business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals is to cut back. It’s a dangerous move and a mistake too commonly made.  The smart move is to hit the gas and do more. Add, initiate, market more heavily, recruit the best people and blast through it with momentum and speed.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #4:  Connect.

Now more than ever connecting with your current and past customers on a more than business level will be essential. Wait a minute. Isn’t business business and personal personal? You shouldn’t mix business and pleasure right? That’s true, if you want to make less money than you could that is. What you need to know is consumers do business with people, not companies. 

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #5:  Rally.

Now is the time to ring the bell and rally the troops. Your employees, your past customers, your friends and even your family.  Get them fired up and on the same page when it comes to your unique qualities and what you have to offer. The order of the day is referral stimulation, buzz creation and an increase in transaction value.

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