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Is a Recession Really Just a State of Mind

My friend, James Casey made and excellent observation about the ideas on the recession presented in this week’s Creative Business Strategy.

James pointed out, “The worst part of life is holding on to negative beliefs.
Recession is a "State of Mind". If we claim it, we own it!

“We are responsible for our own reality. Our economy is built on
belief and circulation.

“Our biggest challenge is the masses buying into "things are bad".

“Then they stop spending while they hope other people will buy their products and services.

“They do not understand what they practice is what they really promote.

“Thank you for doing your part in presenting the truth with solutions and being a great asset to our community and our world.”

And thank you, James, for your excellent observation and kind remarks.

Here's one reason why I think people are worried about a recession.

It's because they got used to being average or “normal” and having that work.

When the economy slows, they have to deliver a true value in order to make a sale.

That's a real challenge because many get lazy and do not want to stretch themselves to think beyond what they already do every day.

I totally agree. If you believe things are bad, you'll sit back, worry and not ever take action to move forward.

This is the default setting for a LOT of people I'm afraid.

Well, let's see if we can inspire people in small business to live beyond their fears, overcome their limitations and move into a bright and prosperous reality right now.

After all, small business is the future of our economy.

Just like at the turn of the 20th Century, now is the time for brilliant people everywhere to step up and claim their prize of success.

All they have to do is create a value that makes a difference in the lives of other people.

Then be so passionate about that value they can easily SHOUT it from the rooftops and tell everyone they see about it.

That is easy to understand and often difficult for many people to do, all at the same time.