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The Future Depends on YOUR Business

Recently, I did a presentation at Arizona State University that talked about the future of the American Economy.

I pointed out that we recently reached another 100-year cycle. At those times, historically, brilliant people seem to rise to the forefront and create innovations in arts, science, commerce, and society.

For example, in the first 10-years of the 20th Century:

Ford mass-produced automobiles

Tea bags and boxed corn flakes were introduced

Air Conditioning and vacuum cleaners were brought to the public

The manned, gas powered airplane made its first flight

Great ideas and amazing inventions came from average people who rose up to create the extraordinary.

In 2008, a new paradigm is emerging.

Today, we have the information age, which has recently given way to the knowledge economy.

Everyone now has access to all of the information a person could ever need. The question becomes what to do with it.

Businesses that will soar to new heights are those that find a way to help people use knowledge to create a result.

This makes the secret to business success in 2008 and beyond simple.

Create value that enhances the lives of other people.

Share your vision, passion, and talent through marketing, sales, and content delivery strategies.

Once someone becomes your client, treat him or her like a trusted friend. Look out for their best interests and continuously use your knowledge to help every client get more of what they want.

Use your knowledge and talent as your greatest competitive advantage consistently.

When you accomplish that, you’ll be one of the many small businesses who are building a bridge to the future, one client and one piece of information at a time.

Is a Recession Really Just a State of Mind

My friend, James Casey made and excellent observation about the ideas on the recession presented in this week’s Creative Business Strategy.

James pointed out, “The worst part of life is holding on to negative beliefs.
Recession is a "State of Mind". If we claim it, we own it!

“We are responsible for our own reality. Our economy is built on
belief and circulation.

“Our biggest challenge is the masses buying into "things are bad".

“Then they stop spending while they hope other people will buy their products and services.

“They do not understand what they practice is what they really promote.

“Thank you for doing your part in presenting the truth with solutions and being a great asset to our community and our world.”

And thank you, James, for your excellent observation and kind remarks.

Here's one reason why I think people are worried about a recession.

It's because they got used to being average or “normal” and having that work.

When the economy slows, they have to deliver a true value in order to make a sale.

That's a real challenge because many get lazy and do not want to stretch themselves to think beyond what they already do every day.

I totally agree. If you believe things are bad, you'll sit back, worry and not ever take action to move forward.

This is the default setting for a LOT of people I'm afraid.

Well, let's see if we can inspire people in small business to live beyond their fears, overcome their limitations and move into a bright and prosperous reality right now.

After all, small business is the future of our economy.

Just like at the turn of the 20th Century, now is the time for brilliant people everywhere to step up and claim their prize of success.

All they have to do is create a value that makes a difference in the lives of other people.

Then be so passionate about that value they can easily SHOUT it from the rooftops and tell everyone they see about it.

That is easy to understand and often difficult for many people to do, all at the same time.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller Five Secrets to Slow Time Success

Five Secrets To Slow Time Success
How To Thrive Not Just Survive During A Recession
By Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

“The recession is coming, the recession is coming!”

So for those who are feeling a bit of the conjured pressure and need some help weathering the storm, this article will give you five secrets to slow time entrepreneurial success. These secrets will help you not only merely survive in the slow time but thrive, dominate and prosper.

Why are these entrepreneurial secrets? Because most corporate business people probably won’t believe in the raw power of them or have the capacity to implement any of them before the whole “recession” blows over. Slow to see, slow to act.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #1: Differentiate.

Me too products and services with no distinguishing qualities are forced into the commodity marketplace and bought only based on price…low price.  In the slow season these are the first to get cut from the spending budget.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #2: Innovate.

The first thing a person asks someone they haven’t seen in a while is, “What’s New?” That’s what they want from you too. Just because things are tightening up doesn’t mean you have to or should slow down. Your business needs to innovate now more than ever.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #3:  Hit The Gas.

During these uncertain times the first reaction of most business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals is to cut back. It’s a dangerous move and a mistake too commonly made.  The smart move is to hit the gas and do more. Add, initiate, market more heavily, recruit the best people and blast through it with momentum and speed.

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #4:  Connect.

Now more than ever connecting with your current and past customers on a more than business level will be essential. Wait a minute. Isn’t business business and personal personal? You shouldn’t mix business and pleasure right? That’s true, if you want to make less money than you could that is. What you need to know is consumers do business with people, not companies. 

Slow Time Entrepreneurial Secret #5:  Rally.

Now is the time to ring the bell and rally the troops. Your employees, your past customers, your friends and even your family.  Get them fired up and on the same page when it comes to your unique qualities and what you have to offer. The order of the day is referral stimulation, buzz creation and an increase in transaction value.

Thank you Jimmy and Travis for this excellent advice. Read the full article at and pick up a copy of their new book Gravitational Marketing

About Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller are the nation’s leading experts on attracting customers and specialize in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals generate a steady stream of highly qualified clients who pay more, stay longer and refer repeatedly. They believe that every business should be ESP–Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous. Vee and Miller are the co-authors of Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers (Wiley). Get a copy of their new book and get a slew of free gifts at