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Red Seven Offers New Idea in Office Computing

A networking friend and Creative Business Strategy subscriber, Michael Cady, owns a company called Red Seven Computer Sales and Service.

Michael is a creative mind that is always looking for an edge, so I always enjoy hearing from him. Today, he called me to tell me about his lastest innovation.

After the conversation was over, I was convinced that he found a BIG idea, in a VERY crowded computer world, that was well worth blogging about.

Michael's company now offers business computer users a brand new computer, complete with full tech support whenever it's needed for the ridiculously low cost of only $50 per month.

But it gets better.

Red Seven will also give you a new computer every 28 months as part of the deal.

So you get a new computer now. Tech support whenever you need it at your fingertips, and a new computer every 2-years for $50 per month.

This is an especially great idea for people who have many machines in their office. The cost of tech support alone is well over $50 per machine per month.

Now that's an idea worth spreading. You can read the article about this Red Seven innovation and see if YOU think this is an idea worth talking about.

The comment line is open.

Excellent and innovative idea, Michael. Thank you for sharing it with me today.