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The Cycle of Success 2008

If you observe sports you can learn that success takes:

1. Focus. Winners know their team’s style of play and strengths as well as weaknesses.

2. Strategy. Great teams have a plan and follow it.

3. Determination. No matter what, great teams keep trying until they find what's working best in a particular game. Then they keep doing what works to win each game, week after week.

So how does your business stack up? Come on now, be honest.

Do you know your strengths (from the client’s perspective)?

Do you have an ongoing, consistent method to tell your story and create sales?

Do you tend to put aside strategy and planning with the destructive self-talk of “I’ll get to it soon, but I’m just too busy right now?”

Do you understand what client’s value about your business?

Do you use that knowledge to reach more people like your most successful clients?

Do you embrace a “Better luck with the next lead” mentality, lose sales, and continuously underperform, year after year?

Success in life and business takes focus, strategy and determination. Without it your business is merely surviving rather than thriving in a niche marketing driven world.

Red Seven Offers New Idea in Office Computing

A networking friend and Creative Business Strategy subscriber, Michael Cady, owns a company called Red Seven Computer Sales and Service.

Michael is a creative mind that is always looking for an edge, so I always enjoy hearing from him. Today, he called me to tell me about his lastest innovation.

After the conversation was over, I was convinced that he found a BIG idea, in a VERY crowded computer world, that was well worth blogging about.

Michael's company now offers business computer users a brand new computer, complete with full tech support whenever it's needed for the ridiculously low cost of only $50 per month.

But it gets better.

Red Seven will also give you a new computer every 28 months as part of the deal.

So you get a new computer now. Tech support whenever you need it at your fingertips, and a new computer every 2-years for $50 per month.

This is an especially great idea for people who have many machines in their office. The cost of tech support alone is well over $50 per machine per month.

Now that's an idea worth spreading. You can read the article about this Red Seven innovation and see if YOU think this is an idea worth talking about.

The comment line is open.

Excellent and innovative idea, Michael. Thank you for sharing it with me today.

The Magic Formula for Building a Profitable Business

You spend hours working hard every day. But no matter how hard you work, your revenues don’t seem to match the effort you’re putting forth.

Sometimes it seems like there must be some kind of magic formula for building a profitable business.

In fact there is no real magic and sales don’t just happen. They are created intentionally by following a process consistently.

Follow these guidelines to create a winning sales process for your business.

Start by fully understanding and embracing the value you create in the lives of your best clients. If you don't know how they would describe the value you provide, ask them.

Have a consistent way to identify and target your best potential client categories. Focus on the tight niches that you serve most successfully.

Develop methods to “attract” these people into your sales pipeline. You will need up to seven unique “touches” to create interest and sales call appointments.

Monitor your closing ratios to ensure you are creating sales from 1 in every 5-sales meetings. Do not leave a sales meeting without agreeing to a clear and focused next step if the sales does not close.

Have a plan for following up; one week after every project is completed, one month later to check in and then weekly or monthly at minimum, with a personal phone call occurring at least once every quarter.

The benefit of doing it will be increased revenues, less stress and worry and greater happiness than you may be experiencing today.