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Realizations, AHA Moments and Breakthroughs

From childhood, a lot of people are conditioned to believe that they are less than someone else. Phrases heard in younger years such as “You’ll never be as good as ___” or “You can’t do that,” all lead to feelings of inadequacy.

As an adult, you carry these thought patterns deep inside. In fact, they are so deep they have become the fabric of who you are today. When you have an idea, it is often first viewed from the standpoint of being inadequate.

You cannot trust your greatest asset (creative thinking) because you have been conditioned to “believe” you are not good enough to be brilliant.

There are times when you are inspired. It can come from many sources but often just “hits” you. We’ll call those AHA Moments. They happen to everyone frequently but few take action on them.

The result of acting on those AHA Moments will often create a tremendous event called a “Breakthrough.”

Breakthroughs are where Realizations and AHA Moments meet.

All it takes is realizing you can have great ideas. Trust that those ideas are worth pursuing.

When you have AHA Moments act on them in spite of fear and doubt.

Enjoy the breakthrough and validate yourself for having them. Then simply be inspired to learn from your AHA Moment or enjoy the fruits that specific breakthrough provided.

Then move on to you next inspired thought. It’s not a onetime event, it’s a process that repeats continuously throughout the course of your life.