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Are You Training People to Ignore You

Whenever you try to communicate to a group of people who has no interest in your message, you are teaching that group to ignore you.

As Seth Godin so aptly points out, marketing must be personal, anticipated and relevant to be effective.

The other fact is your offer must be exceptional. In today’s crowded world, good enough is no longer good enough.

To gain acceptance understand the value you offer other people. Then ask the people who have the most reason to care about your value if you can talk to them.

The people who say yes are your prospects. The people who say no are going to tune you out, so don’t waste your time trying to push a communication on them.

Being exceptional starts with the value you create. How does your business utilize your talents and passions?

Once you answer that question, you’re on the way to seeing higher profits in your small business and greater acceptance of your message.