Sales Tips: Always Leave Your Phone Number Twice
Seth Godin's Permission Marketing Reminder

The Idea That it Takes Money to Make Money is Dead

In the old days (before 2003), people would spend a ton of money to get their business in front of a lot of people.

Big national brands spent a BAZILLION Dollars getting their name in front of everyone. The idea that it takes money to make money grew.

Smaller businesses, with limited advertising buying power, tried to emulate the national giants in some form or the other and failed miserably.

It’s easy to understand why.

It does NOT take money to make money. It takes sales to make money.  Sales is the lifeblood of business and where the focus must be for small businesses.

Pull don’t push to gain valuable attention

Attracting attention with relevant messages saves both time and money. Pull people toward you rather than trying to push them into listening.

Only sales, combined with marketing designed to attract attention, can break through the clutter of messages. Interaction is the answer and it’s inexpensive as well.

Instead of screaming your advertising message to everyone, ask permission to communicate to people who have reason to care.

Your costs go down while your sales increase. That’s a return on investment that everyone can live with.