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What's a Phone Book

Does anyone remember when we used to use phone books? I stepped outside this morning and found a phone book sitting in a yellow plastic bag in front of my door.

I immediately took it to the recycle bin. I didn't even consider keeping it on a shelf.

But then I wondered why. The first answer that came to mind was, "It's useless."

This is just one instance that brought me to that conclusion.

Yesterday I was watching the NFL Championships on TV. By the end of the AFC game I was craving a gyros sandwich.

No problem. I went on line, typed in Gyros sandwich and my zip code and POOF. Two close by contenders popped up.

I called one, found out how late they were open, jumped in my car and scored a sandwich to carry out.

I didn't even think to use a phone book and I'm in their target demographic age wise.

Dex, Yellow Book people, anyone else selling a print directory we are not listening any longer.

Does anyone out there ever use a printed phone book. If so, let me know. The comment line is now open ...

What Did Seth Godin Mean Again?

There were a couple great comments to the Seth Godin idea today. The one I thought was worth commenting on further came from Stamford Talk.

She asked:

"The more people you reach, the more likely you're reaching the wrong people."
OK, that sounds good, but when I think about it, it makes no sense.
Does it mean, if many people like it, the influential critics won't?
That makes sense, but I don't think that's what he meant.
I would like an EXAMPLE of what he meant!

The best example would be the business owner who says "Everyone is my customer" when asked who their target customer is.

Energy happens in tight niches. The tighter the better. If everyone is your customer, your message is too generic and may not appeal to anyone.

When you're trying to sell to a large volume of people you're missing the opportunity to sell to the people who need you most, almost all of the time. As a result, your sales effort is diluted.

For more great thinking on niches, be sure to check out David Meerman Scott's ideas on the New Rules of Marketing and PR at

This is a MUST read book with more excellent thinking on niches and marketing for 2008.