What's a Phone Book
Sales Tips: Always Leave Your Phone Number Twice

Farm Don’t Hunt

When it comes to business building and sales, you have two distinct choices. You can be a farmer or a hunter.

The problem is, few business owners ever consider they can change and become more productive. They continue to hunt, because that’s what they’ve always done.

What can you do if you are a hunter who would rather farm?

Just develop a consistent client relationship management (CRM) program once. Then follow it consistently throughout the year.

Start with the basics.

Stay in touch. Communicate that you care consistently.

Treat clients like the best friend they are. Don’t complete a sales and then vanish, only calling again when hunting slows down and you become desperate for business.

During the course of a project, be on the watch for indications of when to make the next sale recommendation.

Once you plant the seeds, tend the field, and continuously harvest the crop of more business.