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Who Would YOU Buy From

I was accessing lists this week for my January sales launch effort. Of course I have a number of sources, but for this need I selected two competitors.

Competitor one listened to what I had to say, made recommendations and sent me sample files (about 100 leads) to check out for effectiveness before committing to a purchase.

Time to complete: Less than 1-hour. Usefulness of leads. Could load these leads into my CRM program and run a test to make sure they were on target right away.

Competitor two, listened but kept telling me why what I needed was hard to find. They told me that SIC codes was the only way to find the leads I was looking for.

I asked for samples files to test. "Impossible," was the reply. "I may be able to get you a dozen or so samples, but I can't give you phone numbers."

Time to get 6-sample leads: 2-days. Usefulness of leads. Hard to read screen shot had to be keyed in individually. Download was not possible. BUT phone numbers were included for the six leads sent.

Question to ponder: Who will I use as my sales list vendor. Why, competitor #1, who is Chad Weber of Info USA. Telephone number 866.805.1691 ext. 3816

If you give Chad a call, tell him I sent you. He'll make sure you get what you need to make your sales effort easier than it is today.