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How to Build Extreme Success

Progress Not Perfection in 2008

There is a secret to business success that is so easy to understand and so profound in its effectiveness, a large number of people seem to find it next to impossible to grasp.

The simplicity of this business mystery makes brilliant people say, “It’s too simple, that can’t be it.” However, its value is proven everyday in businesses worldwide.

That secret is don’t get it perfect, get it done.

The most successful people merely do what it takes to get the most important things done consistently.

As one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin says, it may not be hard, but it can be difficult.

You’re the future of the American economy. I admire your courage and determination to live life on your own terms.

Focus on your goals and take small steps every day to get important projects done and you'll be more successful in 2008.

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe, healthy and prosperous.