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Selling for People Who Dislike Sales

For many people in small business, creating sales is often a chore akin to doing taxes. It HAS to be done, but you sure don’t like it.

There are three primary reasons why you dislike sales

1. You have no system to follow. You are forced to wing it every day. This leads to overwhelm and confusion.

2. You have not found (or you lost) the passion, value and monetary worth other people find in your work. You are hesitant to tell more people about your offer out of fear.

3. You do not have a well-defined, well-articulated offer to sell. This leads to both confusion and fear. You are confused about what to say and fearful the person you are speaking to will reject you.

Develop an offer that is based on a value that your best clients gain.

Touch your prospects a minimum of seven times. The majority of your competitors stop after one or two contacts. You'll win the competitive game by touching seven times.

Put your entire sales process into an easy to follow strategy that you follow everyday.

The result will be a full pipeline of qualified prospects that values what you offer.

Why direct sales is better than marketing for small business

Direct sales requires a sweat equity effort. A solid program can be created on a tight budget.

Marketing requires money to proliferate an idea.

The problem is, small businesses typically do not have the budget required to make marketing alone work.

When you combine direct sales with marketing, you get the best of both worlds.

You get:

Immediate gains from direct contact.

Passive, ongoing prospecting to people who are most qualified.

For small business, a direct sales process that combines marketing to attract, sales to convert attraction into money and client relationship management to create ongoing backend business is the least expensive and most effective path to success.

A Cleaning Tale or How to Ensure You Lose a Client

Trumpfired I had the same cleaning service come in and clean my house for the past year and a half. Every two weeks they come in and clean.

One time, early in the relationship, they did a very poor job. I wasn't happy so they offered to come back at no-charge next time. No excuses, just great service.

I became a fan and advocate, told friends and neighbors about them and the relationship continued. I even blogged them for their superior commitment to client satisfaction.

Today they cleaned, per our every two week schedule.

Frankly, it was the worst cleaning job I had ever seen. It was so bad, in fact, that the house had to be cleaned again.

I called to let the owner know about the poor job done. She started making excuses and told me what they do and do not clean.

That prompted me to look at everything closer. Guess what? It was worse than I suspected. Bathrooms not done, really bad.

So, in the immortal words of Donald Trump -- You're Fired!

When you have a good client, take care of them. Don't let down because you think they will be loyal, no matter what.

Always remember, you are only as good as the last service performed. If there is a problem, fix it without argument.

The reward is a stable of loyal and happy clients who use you over and over again every year.

Remember, backend sales is where the REAL money is in business.