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Germs Happen

Here's something I just learned that completely grossed me out.

There are millions of germs floating around your bathroom. Flushing toilets, cat litter, bath tub rings -- all kinds of germy stuff happens in there constantly. Airflow spreads the germs all over the bathroom.

Here's the worst part. Your toothbrush is a magnet. That's right, if you're toothbrush is in the medicine cabinet or on the counter top in your bathroom it is crawling with germs.

Want to see how germs spread in a bathroom? Take a look at

It's a cool interactive site that shows you where the germ/toothbrush risk factors are hidden.

Sonicare sent me a UV Sanitizer to try out and Bzz about if I liked it. I used it, I like it. I feel better about my toothbrush now.

Check it out. The Sonicare UV Sanitizer is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon and Costco.

If you're going to buy one email me and I'll send the first 5-people who send me a message a $5.00 off coupon.

If you're not going to buy one, just remember, germs happen -- EVERYWHERE!

The Most Powerful Motivator in the Universe

The single most powerful motivator in the Universe is simply to realize that you are not infinite.

As a human being, you are finite. You have a certain amount of time to create value and offer it to the world.

What would you do if you knew that you only have 336-months left to live?

The fact is, at my current age, if I lived as long as my Dad, Mom and Grandparents I’d have about 336 months left on Earth.

WOW, was that a wake up call. Here’s how I got to that figure.

I took the age of my Dad, Mom, Grandmother, and Grandfather at the time of their death and added them up.

Then I divided by four to get an average.

That gave me a life expectancy average age of 85-years old. I know, it’s not truly scientific, but it is close enough for the purpose outlined here.

I subtracted my current age of 57, multiplied by 12 (for 12-months), and arrived 336 months.

A harsh truth but reality nonetheless.

Give it a try. You’ll never look at your life the same way again.

Change Will Frighten You

There is one thing that is constant in life. No matter what, things will change. In today’s world, change is epidemic. Everyone is constantly looking for more, better, quicker, easier. Change has become the norm.

The problem is, when you change, you start over. Starting over can be so frightening that it sometimes seems easier to remain unhappy in a rut.

If you were on a mission to change the world, what would you do?

Create a value that helps other people get what they want to launch your personal mission into the world.

Offer that value to them consistently. If you don’t you are letting people who need you down. You are simply not doing your part.

Continue to help once new clients engage you for the first time. Keep influencing the lives of people you can best serve.

Live in fulfillment. Experience happiness every day. Be the best you can be in your chosen endeavor and help others with a passion.

Or you can stagnate and wish that things were different than they are today. That’s the beauty of life, the choice is always yours.