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That Darn Bobby Elderidge

Bobby_eldridge I am learning a TON about client care from Bobby Eldridge.

First he showed me how powerful a simple phone call follow up can be to a new client.

Next he showed me a great way to under promise and over deliver.

I purchased a months worth of golf lessons from Bobby.

On day 1 he asked me what I wanted to achieve. Then he told me how we would go about achieving it.

Before I left that day, Bobby gave me the tools I would need to improve my golf game.

It was a bucket of about 200 balls, a golf ball “picker” and unlimited access to the club he teaches at.

Guess what happened. I was motivated to practice because I had a better playing system AND the tools and location to practice.

And it all started with a couple videos I purchased from Pure Point Golf. Great job, Bobby. I’m looking forward to learning much more from you.

Balance, Satisfaction and Profit With Freedom

The one common denominator most people want when starting a new business is to ultimately achieve balance, satisfaction and profit with freedom in their life.

All you have to do to achieve it is:

Admit what you want out of life. What brings you joy?

Admit what you would do whether you were paid for it or not.

Admit how hard you really want to work.

Then create a life in business that supports those goals and provides all the things you are seeking.

As author Seth Godin says, it’s not hard, but it can be difficult.

Click the Comment link at the bottom of this post and let us all know what brings you joy and total happiness in life.

Reflect on what brings you happiness and experience what it feels like to create the ultimate goal in life; balance, satisfaction and profit with freedom.

Then simply choose to create it or not.

Customer Care, Bobby Eldridge Style

Bobby_eldridge I booked a series of golf lessons recently with veteran Master Golf Instructor Bobby Elridge.

Bobby has a series of videos he created that I purchased recently. I found them helpful and when I found out Bobby teaches in Scottsdale, AZ I jumped at the chance to work with him.

Bobby is a noted golf instructor and I'm sure a busy guy. One thing that struck me though was when I booked my lesson through his office, he personally took the time to call, thank me for scheduling and made sure I knew how to find the course.

He was accessible and cared enough about my business to personally call and thank me.

That is exceptional in our busy world today and something we can ALL learn from.

Thanks Bobby!

Bobby Eldridge's Web site is at Check it out.