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I'll Always Buy My Eyewear at Target

Unexpected services will build long-term loyalty. Here's what happened to me this past weekend.

Just over a year ago, I purchased glasses at Target Optical. I was having a tough time picking a frame style and Target had one I liked and that looked good on me.

I broke my glasses recently and fortunately could snap them back together. One problem, they kept breaking apart.

I went into Target on the "off chance" that they could help.

Joe, the optometrist, actually had spare parts for the glasses and he fixed them on the spot.

"How much, Joe?"

"No charge, I want to be sure you are happy with your glasses," was his reply.

A small 3-minute service earned a client for life.

Playing the Game of Business

Imagine that you lived in an odd world where everything seemed very real, but was in fact a game.

If you lived in such a place, how would you play the game of business?

Here are the rules:

1. Use your imagination and personal genius to create the conditions that allow you to continue to play and win.

2. You can do anything you want in this game; you just have to be able to get important things done that set up conditions that allow you to eventually win.

3. Winning or losing the game of business is based on your personal assumptions and desires. You create the conditions of winning. Not playing hard or smart enough will cause you to lose, however.

4. There are people who can help you achieve more of what you want and extend what you are capable of doing in the game BUT you have to expend energy of some sort to engage these “helpers.”

Sometimes you’ll find that you either don’t have enough energy or you run out of time to take advantage of the super-boost these other players can give you.

5. You have to consistently reach out to people who do not know about your entry in the game and let them know you’re there.

6. You must help other players see the advantage of playing with you and get them to merge their game into yours. 

7. You also have to develop conditions that allow the two of you to continuously play the game with one another or you will have lost a playing partner.

Remember, it's harder and more expensive to find someone new to play with than it is to keep playing with people you already connected with.

8. And you have to continuously find new people to play the game of business with or you will run out of energy and will be eliminated from the game all together.

Once you reach your desired outcome in the game you have won.

At that point, you can continue to play the same game, stop playing all together or create a brand new game of business and start all over again.

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