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How Human Beings Play

It’s been said that human beings stop playing at the time they leave childhood.

The truth is, that statement is simply not true. Human beings continue to play for their entire life. The difference is the complexity and rules of the games change.

As adults, we are most happy when we are creating values that benefit other people.
We most readily create this value when we develop a business that delivers our passions and talents to benefit other people.

When our talents and passions are a value that other people want to trade their money for, we have a business that works.

Bringing about this creation, the business that delivers value that benefits other people, is how we play as adult human beings.

Your Most Powerful, Creative Tool

Are you one of those poor delusional people who tells yourself, “I’m not creative?”

If so, the truth is you’re not lacking creativity at all. All you are really missing is the link between creativity and imagination.

Look at any challenge you face today.

What is the greatest outcome you could “imagine” happening?

How do you imagine that coming about?

What events do you imagine occurring that resolves the issue?

Now write down what you just imagined, starting with your greatest outcome. Then move backward to where you are today.

Then take that vision and move forward. It’s like predicting the future by imaging your actions, but seeing it from the place you want to be instead of where you actually are.

Playing the Part of the Personality Self

William Shakespeare gave us a clue to life’s meaning when he wrote, “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players ...

What part are you playing? You are playing the role of your personality self.

To develop it, start by looking inside. Write down the answer to the question, “Who am I and what do I believe in.”

Your authentic personal philosophies shape your personality brand. Write down at least 10-things you believe about your life in business.

Then look at your clients. What would they say the greatest value you offer them would be?

If you have no idea what your clients would say, just ask them What words do they use to describe the value you provide in business?

Finally, look at your sales process. How do you attract interest, turn that interest into revenue, and continue to build on that relationship for the long term?

Your answers to these questions will begin to shape your personal brand or the part you are playing in business.