Revisiting Manuel
Focus and Controlling Life’s Outcomes

Your Focus Controls Outcomes

Everyone has this amazing power inside of them called the subconscious mind. It is so simple that it appears hard. Here’s how it works.

First decide on what you want to accomplish consciously and then let the subconscious mind deliver it. There’s one small problem though.

Many times you may keep your conscious mind engaged and never give the subconscious mind a chance to do its work. That’s because you are focused on the outcome and not allowing the result to come through. The subconscious mind knows what to do at all times.

The only time it doesn’t work is when you consciously try to direct the activity.

Try it for yourself. The next time you go on a sales meeting try this exercise.

Understand what you want to see happen and then let it go.

At the appointment, don’t worry about the outcome. Simply follow you “gut instincts” or feelings.

Follow where they take you and see the result. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy the subconscious mind makes everything and how difficult life can be when you focus on what you “need” to do.