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Revisiting Manuel


A while back I made a post about legendary golf teacher Manuel de la Torre.

Recently, I heard from Ed LeBeau, the photographer who took this image. He definitely agreed with me on Manuel's instruction and asked that I  let people know he took the photo.

As a former ad photographer and VP Creative in the Stock Photo Industry, I am happy to let people know, Ed. Nice shot!

Be sure to visit Ed's Web site as well at

AND, Ed, I hope to get out there one of these days and shave a few more strokes off of my game! Sounds like a great school.

Here's Manuel's story once again:

After taking to heart my golf lesson from golf icon Manuel de la Torre I'm happy to report that the ideas he gave me in a 45 minute lesson shaved SIX strokes off of my game.

WOW! (That's a lot if you're not familiar with golf).


Because I remembered the "story" he told me during the lesson and was better able to relate that to my game on the course.

Well, now we know why Mr. de la Torre is a top name in golf instruction.

If you play golf I also highly recommend his book called Understanding the Golf Swing. Great ideas and lessons on every page.