The Philosophy of Conscious Business, Part II
What Are You Doing Right Now?

Would You Fly 2,000 Miles to See Your Dentist

Interestingly enough, I am working with a dentist in helping him expand his newly opened office.

Even more interesting, this dentist has patients that fly from PA, IL, MO and other States to see him.

I thought, why? A dentist is a dentist, right? So I called some patients and asked them.

There were two reason they gave.

1. Trust - they will not trust anyone else with their oral health

2. Talent - this dentist has a remarkable ability to take care of any problem. In fact, other dentists refer their toughest cases to him.

Needless to say, being exceptionally talented and extremely knowledgeable is the key to the door.

Now ask yourself, would you clients fly 2,000 miles to use your service?