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Who Do You Love

Instead of loving your business (like most people) you must actually fall in love with your clients.

But exactly how do you fall in love with your clients?

It starts with understanding. Call to ask your best clients what the greatest value they receive from your business is.

Then develop a stay-in-touch strategy. Consider:

Sending a thank you card after the value call.

Setting a “check-in” time for later in the year with each client you talk to.

Emailing a newsletter that reaches clients monthly at minimum.

Schedule a luncheon where your clients have an opportunity to meet each other.

Mail a “no real reason card” a few times a year.

Now that I got your brain working on this, think of a few unique ways you can stay in touch and show clients you value them and their business.

Your personal touch and authentic caring makes a big difference in showing clients how much you appreciate them.

The Secret Communication Strategy That Pays

Communicating your expertise in a way that attracts the attention of qualified prospects is quickly becoming a popular mainstream marketing strategy.

What often isn’t discussed is the real secret behind communication that attracts. That secret is consistency.

How can you offer consistent communication regularly?

You can write a short article every week and send it to prospects and clients that request it.

You can create a "key point" article, one that addresses a primary concern the majority of your target market has, and include it as part of a permission marketing outreach campaign in your sales process.

Writing a tip of the week relating to your business will also give you communication consistency.

If you are the type of business that advertises in publications try this idea.

When placing your ad, make running an educational article you wrote, along with
your paid ad, part of the advertising package.

By writing an educational article or tip every week you’ll gain top-of-mind awareness with both your clients and prospects. You’ll also consistently stay in touch.

You will establish yourself as an expert in your field, which is a desirable marketing strategy on its own.

The hardest part is getting started.

The second hardest part is doing it consistently.

The best way to get started is to simply sit down and do it. Increased sales opportunites is the reward.

PowerPoint Makes Your Point of View Known

The secret to using PowerPoint as an effective communication tool can be summed up in one word: pictures.

Well, actually it’s pictures and NOT using those awful PowerPoint templates and clip art that are so compellingly offered in the program.

Here are the secrets to using PowerPoint in a way that will drive your point-of-view home successfully.

Make sure the slides you create reinforce your ideas in pictures rather than repeat your words.

Never give handouts of your PowerPoint slides. Without you, all the slides represent is the emotional element of the presentation.

Eliminate ALL PowerPoint background templates and bullet points.

Don’t use dissolves, transitions or spins. Make one point on a slide and move on to the next.

The point of PowerPoint is to create visuals that reinforce what you’re saying.

Remember, you are the words and the slides are the pictures that add emotion to your point-of-view.