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What Are You Doing Right Now?

When is a moment? Why it’s right now. But then you might ask, when is right now and the answer would be now is where ever you place your attention at a given moment.

Only pay attention to what is happening right now, in this very moment because right now is all you can truly change.

It’s odd to say, but most people do not realize what is happening to them at any given moment.

They lament a past that cannot be recovered and worry about a future that has yet to occur but totally miss everything that is happening between the past and the future.

Focus on right now for just today and see what you noticed that you may have missed otherwise.

Would You Fly 2,000 Miles to See Your Dentist

Interestingly enough, I am working with a dentist in helping him expand his newly opened office.

Even more interesting, this dentist has patients that fly from PA, IL, MO and other States to see him.

I thought, why? A dentist is a dentist, right? So I called some patients and asked them.

There were two reason they gave.

1. Trust - they will not trust anyone else with their oral health

2. Talent - this dentist has a remarkable ability to take care of any problem. In fact, other dentists refer their toughest cases to him.

Needless to say, being exceptionally talented and extremely knowledgeable is the key to the door.

Now ask yourself, would you clients fly 2,000 miles to use your service?

The Philosophy of Conscious Business, Part II

Conscious business combines


In a way that supports the efforts and goals of others.

The purpose of business is to make money for sure, but oddly enough we make the most money when we help someone else achieve what they want.

Here is your Conscious Business Planning Document.

Simply answer these questions truthfully, from your heart and then live the conclusions that you draw from them every day.

1. I am most happy in business when ___________?

2. The value I add to the lives of other people is ___________?

3. People are willing to pay me ________ for the value I provide because they receive ___________ times more use value in return.

AAHH, # 3 tripped you up I’m guessing. The reason is you never look at the value you provide in a tangible way.

When people receive 10 times more use value back than they paid you in cash, you’ll be so busy you can’t even imagine it.

It’s the give me a quarter and I’ll give you a dollar in return principal in action.