The Energetic Sales Message
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What Makes a Great Salesperson

I recently had the opportunity to hire and train sales people for one of my client companies.

It was a very interesting exercise. One person went out, made calls consistently and within the first week, he made 2-sales on the same day.

But there was a fellow sitting in the training class that didn’t say much, did the exercises, developed his skills with this offering and got ready to go out.

When asked what he was going to accomplish he simply said "2-sales per day."

On his first full day out, he hit the streets hard, calling on people and running the Sales Process we developed like a man on a mission.

Then, at a time all the other sales people were home, I got a call for this sales person saying he made his first deal.

He also had 3 or 4 other appointments set up for the next week.

What made this person great in sales?

He didn’t stop. He kept reaching out to make stranger’s friends and friends clients.

He knew what he wanted to accomplish (2-sales a day) and did what it takes to fill the pipe line to make that goal a reality instead of just another missed opportunity.