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The 1-Thing Few Want to Do

I've had some interesting experiences this week in talking to people about their life and desires.

One person wanted VERY badly to escape the rut they were in; but somehow just would not allow themselves to embrace and discover what they wanted in their life.

Instead they kept saying, "I just don't know what I want."

Another wanted VERY badly to proliferate their ideas into the marketplace. They had ideas, they had products created, but they kept telling themselves, "I don't know how to sell."

Here's what I concluded. Like many people, living life on your own terms requires hard Power Thinking up front.

Then it takes ACTION to turn ideas into results that are seen in the world of gross matter that we live in.

We live in a material world. Thoughts alone does not get things done. Here's the formula I found works, over and over again:

1. Thought

2. Concept

3. Steps


5. More ACTION

6. Evaluation

7. More ACTION

8. Follow up

. . . and so on for as long as the concept stays alive.

ACTION is the key that turns dreams into reality.

4-Things Your Web Site “Could” Do for Your Business

Here are 4-things your Web site “could” do for your business.

1. Generate sales leads – By offering free information in the form of case studies or special reports, in exchange for contact information, you have obtained a warm prospect.

2. Develop an opt-in marketing list – By providing value on a consistent basis, you can develop a list of interested people, who have given you permission to talk to them.

3. Create a direct response sale. Millions of dollars are generated annually by selling a product on the Internet. Information based products work well in this area.

4. Become an expert - Report on trends that people care about in your industry as a way to establish your reputation as an expert.

Now ask yourself this question: “What is the purpose of my Web site?”

What outcome do you want to have happen when a visitor comes to your site?

10 Machines in 10 Days – A Record

Officeauto My friend James Casey is the Copier Guy. He helps company establish the best in office automation with a passion few in his industry have.

This week, James sent me this message:

“I just sold 10 machines in the last week and a half - I am blessed !!”

James is a super sales guy. He prospects, he follows up, he stays in touch, he works tirelessly to establish trust and service after the sale.

Frankly, in my opinion, James works harder than other people. That’s what makes him a Sales Performing Superstar.

Oh yeah, and he L O V E S selling.

Passion, gratitude, commitment and action win every time.

Contact James at ANYTIME you or someone you know needs help with office automation. He's the best!