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10 Machines in 10 Days – A Record

Officeauto My friend James Casey is the Copier Guy. He helps company establish the best in office automation with a passion few in his industry have.

This week, James sent me this message:

“I just sold 10 machines in the last week and a half - I am blessed !!”

James is a super sales guy. He prospects, he follows up, he stays in touch, he works tirelessly to establish trust and service after the sale.

Frankly, in my opinion, James works harder than other people. That’s what makes him a Sales Performing Superstar.

Oh yeah, and he L O V E S selling.

Passion, gratitude, commitment and action win every time.

Contact James at solutionsbyjames@cox.net ANYTIME you or someone you know needs help with office automation. He's the best!