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Why Are You Afraid of Prospecting

If you embrace the “prospecting does not work” mindset, ask yourself these two simple questions.

1. Do you truly believe that you are not able to turn a stranger into a friend?

2. Does it seem impossible to help your new friend achieve more from their life and business over a long period of time?

The reality is, you don’t play the prospecting game because you are afraid of having your friendship effort rejected.

Here’s the secret the makes prospecting much easier.

Develop a system and process that establishes prospecting consistency.

Many clients I’ve worked with use a permission based case study or article sharing approach.

They respectfully ask for permission to share a professionally developed document that establishes the value they’ve created for other people.

They do this by first asking if this value contained in the document is interesting to the receiver. If it is, they send it. Then they follow up to see if a meeting is warranted.

In my own selling system I find:

  • 8% of the people contacted want to find out more. They accepted the information and request a call back.
  • 33% of those people warrant a personal meeting. They were interested in seeing if a friendship could develop.
  • 1 in 3 of the people I meet with become new friends and are benefiting from the value created especially for them.