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Our Model of the World

It has been found that the presence, and expectation, of an observer can in fact affect the outcome of it (what is being observed). So much for "seeing is believing," huh?

And vision is only part of the picture.

Our model of the world is comprised not only of what we see, but also of what we hear, feel and think.

Page 40 - Simple.ology, The Science of Getting What You Want by Mark Joyner

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Your Greatest Business Challenge

Everyone faces challenges in their business, everyday. Sales, staff, time, planning, management, accounting, growth, marketing, strategic direction; the list can go on and on.

Of all the challenges small business people face the one that rests at the core of most problems is consistency.

What can you do now to become more consistent?

1. Get a plan together and follow it every day. Make sure it realistically reflects your available time and business goals.

2. Do one small thing every day to grow your business and revenues.

3. Take sales seriously. The most successful companies agree that a direct sales effort is the # 1 way to generate more revenue.

Try the 3-ideas mentioned this week and see what you think. You have consistency and greater revenues to gain. And stress, fear, doubt and worry to lose.

I believe that small business is the future of the American Economy. So, I enjoy creating new values that will help you overcome obstacles in your path.

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