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Why Your Best Business Building Efforts Fail

Business building failure can be summed up in 2-words – Consistent Action.

Here’s the formula to follow to avoid business building disaster:

1. Understand your target audience.

2. Pick just one target.

3. Develop a plan that includes:

  • Attracting one chosen niche to your offer
  • Converting that attraction into revenue at least 1 in 5 times
  • Continuing to sell to the same group of people again after the first sale.
  • Gain referrals and generate work-of-mouth marketing from your “buzz worthy” products and service.

There are other reasons that your business building efforts may fail too.

Your attempts at business building are unplanned and half-hearted. No research, no strategy, just a hope and prayer. This is often called business mysticism.

Lack of consistency; you start a business building program, do it for a week or two and quit. Success happens with planned and repeated action.

Think months and years not days and weeks.

Why Your Best Marketing Fails

There is one major reason the majority of marketing fails. That reason is because the marketing effort never gets completed. It never gets off the ground.

Good intentions are one thing. Getting your marketing on the street is another.

Here’s the formula to follow:

1. Understand your target audience

2. Pick just one target.

3. Make your communication to that niche personal and relevant.

4. Ask permission to send your marketing message. Permission makes personal and relevant messages anticipated, leading to higher acceptance.

5. Follow up your message with an offer to buy.

When marketing is put on a back burner, sales suffer. In extreme cases, businesses fail. All because marketing never got done.

Are You Busy Being Unhappy

Everyone is too busy. Too busy at work, too busy at home, too busy with the family.

Here’s the odd thing. The only purpose of life (underneath all your wants and desires) is to be happy.

The way adults generate happiness is to create values that enrich the lives of other people.

Thoughts and ideas are merely the vehicle. Action is the fuel.

No magic force will push you. Only motion creates more motion. Hoping, intending and thinking about it will not accomplish your greatest goals.

Simply ask yourself, “What activity would bring me the greatest happiness in my life?”

Now draw a straight line from where you are to where you want to be. Take one small action everyday to reach your greatest goal.

It is that easy and it is also that hard. It takes hard thinking. It requires discipline. The benefit you gain is true happiness in life. How important is that to you?