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Are You Busy Being Unhappy

Everyone is too busy. Too busy at work, too busy at home, too busy with the family.

Here’s the odd thing. The only purpose of life (underneath all your wants and desires) is to be happy.

The way adults generate happiness is to create values that enrich the lives of other people.

Thoughts and ideas are merely the vehicle. Action is the fuel.

No magic force will push you. Only motion creates more motion. Hoping, intending and thinking about it will not accomplish your greatest goals.

Simply ask yourself, “What activity would bring me the greatest happiness in my life?”

Now draw a straight line from where you are to where you want to be. Take one small action everyday to reach your greatest goal.

It is that easy and it is also that hard. It takes hard thinking. It requires discipline. The benefit you gain is true happiness in life. How important is that to you?