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A Tale of Two Dentists

Dentalexam I needed dental work recently, didn’t have anyone I liked here in AZ, so went on the search for someone new.

I found dentist A, Dr Kevin Muller of AZ Smile Design through the AZ NetNews.

When I got to his office it was very well put together; with comfortable chairs to sit in and a very welcoming feeling.

It had a peaceful and relaxing aroma, a staff that cared enough to ask if I'd like something to drink, and a genuine desire to make me feel at home.

Dr. Mueller came out, introduced himself and took me back to his personal office. He was not in a hurry and didn’t just slam me down in a dental chair.

He asked me why I was there (great first question in selling), listened intently, made me feel at ease and then, after answering my questions, addressing my concerns and gaining my confidence took me back for the exam.

It was unquestionably the most thorough exam I ever had.

Nothing was left to chance. I felt confident and comfortable with the fact that Dr. Muller had MY health and well being at the top of his mind and would take better care of me and my teeth than anyone else.

At dentist B, it was not quite the same experience.

The waiting room was the usual office furniture, the receptionist gave me a form to fill out, with little personal interaction, the Dr. sat me in the dental chair, did the usual exam and told me what he would do and how much it would cost.

Who would you go with?

I chose Dr. Kevin Mueller. He is a standout; a caring, compassionate person who has my best interests in mind. He wanted my dental health to be better than it had ever been and told me how to do just that.

Think about the tale of two dentists on your next client interaction. Are you dentist A, Dr. Kevin Mueller – who won the business because he honestly cared in a heartfelt way or dentist B – the same ole solution in a commodity driven world.