Sales Process Blunders and How to Avoid Them
I Am Not Impressed . . .

You Never Have to Cold Call, But...

You are in business, you need sales, you look at books that tell you how to do sell more, better. Each of these books extols one virtue or the other. The theme of many is “don’t cold call.”

One sales expert says, “Have an assistant call prospects, tell them that you, the expert in your field, want to set a meeting with them.”

Isn’t that actually cold calling?

In a recent test, Creating Words That Sell Sales Creator, John Smrek was able to convert 8% of cold contacts into warm leads. 33% of the warm leads converted to appointments and 50% of the appointments converted into a sale

How did John accomplish this feat?

He knew who he was calling, was respectful of them, established their interest and had a clear and direct “next step” to take.