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Sales Process Blunders and How to Avoid Them

In my article, Understanding the Sales Process, I explained what the sales process is and how it works. Unfortunately not enough people will read and act on the ideas to make a difference.

They will continue to make mistakes that will hold down revenues and sales. Those mistakes are:

  • Seeing marketing as something separate from sales. They are all one thing.
  • Thinking that the system of selling is the sole sales process. It is only the part the turn’s attraction into revenue.
  • Making client relationship management an after thought; when in fact it is the single most important aspect of the entire sales process.
  • Not including a plan that is followed 100% of the time to generate referrals from happy clients.
  • Not providing clients, fans and prospects with an easy way to spread the good news about you and your business.
  • And the # 1 BIGGEST sales process mistake almost all businesses make is: Not having a consistent method that works on a predictable basis to initiate contact with new clients.

Creating a winning sales process is the key to the door for achieving everything you have ever wanted from both your business and your life. Yes, it’s THAT important.

The Next Level of Communication: Blogging

Dave Barnhart of shares these insights.

“If you are not using social media to converse with your clients then you are already behind the power curve.”

What is social media? Social media encompasses blogs, bookmarking sites, mySpace,  YouTube, forums, and almost any website containing user-contributed content. 

Why should you be interested? 

Because one kid in Iowa with a blog and five readers can ruin your company, that’s why. 

Because our markets are smarter than we are, that’s why. 

Because a small company can gain a reputation that large organizations with millions to spend on marketing would be hard pressed to create, that’s why.

Social media as a business tool is a new concept and so it is natural to be uneasy about it.  A professional journalist recently told me that not long ago he and his colleagues actually feared it. 

The reason for this fear and discomfort is that it is a disruptive force, upsetting the old order.  Every entrepreneur knows however that disruption provides opportunity.

This is just an excerpt of Dave's full article. Visit the Creating Words That Sell Web site for the full posting.

The "Write" Way to Grow Your Business

Quill_and_ink_1 How does writing grow your business?

An article that lists you as the author builds your credibility. It shows clients and prospects that you have an expert point of view worth listening to.

When you take the time to do the thinking necessary to write an article, you better understand your target market. You are increasing your chances of finding more people in need of your services.

Your article becomes a great lead-in tool for a sales call or to build interest at a networking group event. You can share a broader point of view than you ever can with a 30-second commercial alone.

By writing an article, you will better understand your own point of view on your business and industry. You will learn that you actually have a distinct view of your industry and that expertise can add value to the lives of others.

Click here to read the full article; including three easy ways to get started.