You Never Have to Cold Call, But...
The Movie Playing in Your Head

I Am Not Impressed . . .

. . . Very often. But on occassion, something comes along that I just absolutely LOVE!

In the past 12-months there have been 2-books that I personally see as required reading for everyone alive today.

One of those books (I'll tell you about the other one another time) is by Mark Joyner and is called Simple.ology, the Simple Science of Getting What You Want.

On March 30th, at 12 noon EST you can be part of history by ordering it at; this could well be one of the biggest book launches anywhere, anytime.

I will post my favorite excerpts right here, on the blog, throughout the week as well.

If getting answers to the question: "how can I have everything I want in life, now" is important to you, just order the book.